Instead of the new Golf Mk 8, Volkswagen went ahead and unveiled the new ID.3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show instead. The car is that brand’s very first all-electric standalone brand, following the advent of the current Golf e.

Essentially the ID family of cars will consist of several body styles, all electric, that are ushering in Volkswagen brand’s EV future. The ID.3 is a hatchback type with five doors and seating space for 5 occupants including driver. VW has retained familiar shapes for the car, so that it looks by and large, conventional. It weighs about 1 719kg, which is about 200kg heftier than the Golf 7.

But underneath it carries a battery and an electric motor, which will be sliced into three different models by range. Baseline models will be offered with a 45kWh battery with a 160km/h top speed and a 330km range. Then a 58kWh battery with a 420km range is next. Top of the range, so to speak, is a 77kWh model with a 550km range.

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