The upcoming BMW M3 and M4 range will carry serious firepower, according to a new leaked report out of Europe. It appears that BMW will no longer sit back while its rivals slurp up all the power and boast of thunderous engines during barroom arguments. As such, the M3 and M4 will take a large leap of power for the next-generation, expected to hit Mzansi sometime in late 2020.

BMW will keep the 3.0-litre twin turbo motor that powers the current M3/ M4, but give it extra boost. In the spirit of current M cars, there will be two versions of each, namely a “normal” M3/ M4 and Competition versions. The regular cars will develop about 350kW of power, while Competition models will go up to 375kW. Add to that the fact that they will run on xDrive all-wheel-drive (AWD) means sprint times will definitely fall below the 4 second mark.

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