Unitrans Opel Distributor has initiated shipping of the Opel Crossland X Enjoy 1.6TD (Turbo Diesel) Manual Transmission to the South African shores, with the promise of vehicle availability in their nationwide Dealership network by mid-June 2019.

Joining the X-Range family, which includes the existing versatile Crossland X model options, the adventurous Opel Mokka X and the dynamic Grandland X, this diesel addition compliments an already comprehensive selection. While the size of the trio may vary, all X-Family members boast an off-road look and the elevated seating position with good all-round visibility which is typical of an SUV, along with a host of top technologies and specifications synonymous with Opel.

The stylish & economic Crossland X Enjoy 1.6TD offers an alternate option on fuel choice. Based on the existing Crossland X Enjoy M/T specification, the Diesel option returns a combined fuel consumption of 5.4 L/100 km – an important consideration for all due to soaring fuel costs, while still delivering the strong power and torque expected of a turbocharged diesel engine. Low-speed torque due to 230Nm being available and 68kW of power output allows for better and more efficient overtaking and gear choice.

Opel’s ongoing commitment to produce vehicles that are accessible to many through efficient engines and powertrains for driving pleasure and economy, connectivity through sophisticated Infotainment Systems, plus high specifications offered at the best prices as a standard is reflected in the total range presently available.



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