Mercedes-AMG has revealed the world’s most powerful series production, 4-cylinder engine. The new upgraded 2.0-litre single turbo motor will do duty in a range of new all-wheel-drive (AWD) AMG cars, including the A 45, CLA 45, GLB 45 and others. Furthermore, the company says there will be two versions of this engine, fitted to a “basic” version, as well as an S model.

In its basic application the new engine produces 285kW of power at 6 500rpm and 480Nm of torque between 4 750rpm and 5 000rpm. Maximum engine speed is 7 200rpm. That 285kW is the same as what the previous-generation A 45 made before it went out of production. As for the S models, those will carry a stunning 310kW at 6 750rpm, with matching torque of 500Nm between 5 000rpm and 5 250rpm. That’s a stupendous 155kW per litre! The engine weighs 160.5kg with liquids.

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