Mercedes-AMG customers are no longer interested in rear-wheel-driven (RWD) cars, according to the company. Therefore from 2021, all new AMG cars will feature only all-wheel-drive (AWD). Already the brand is in that space with the previous A 45, new A 35, E 63 S and others. Only the C 63 range is still using RWD, but that will soon also be a thing of the past. This effectively confirms that the next-generation C 63 and two-door GT will most certainly be AWD. In fact, even the SL AMG range will carry 4Matic AWD.


Incidentally the competitors from BMW are also ditching RWD in most of their M cars, if not all, going forward. Of course Audi has been impressing with their quattro way before anyone else in this segment. Moreover, Mercedes-AMG says all its new cars will be electrified within the next two years. For now we are not sure what that means, but it would include mild hybrids with a 48-V system for example.

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