A sneaky participant at an exclusive Alfa Romeo event shot a picture during the presentation. What picture? A picture of the upcoming all-new Alfa Romeo GTV. Seen here on this page is the said pic, which is of course just a sketch. The late Sergio Marchionne had mentioned the GTV before, but it’s only now that we can really see some life in it. But there are important details that have been gleaned off this particular event, the main of which is hard confirmation that the GTV badge is definitely coming back.


Secondly, it looks like it will be based on the Giulia but instead of having 4 doors, it will carry only two, sit 4 occupants and have the shape of a coupe. Another important detail is the four leaf clover seen above the front fender. That means the car will be a QV model, which means a 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 with at least 375kW of power. An e-boost mild hybrid system will add more power to give it about 450kW, making it the most potent car in its class. Add to that will be all-wheel-drive (AWD) to assist with traction. The Germans should be seriously worried.

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