The BMW i4 has been spied. What is the BMW i4 you may ask? Well if you are familiar with the company’s products, especially the electric ones including the i3, you will realise that the i4 will be an all-electric car that will feature several new technologies pioneered by the i3 but now taken to the next level. For one, the i4 will feature four doors, sit at least four people and be shaped like a sedan. As an electric car it will not carry any sort of engine, except perhaps a range extender.


BMW is keen to increase the range of its electric vehicles. To this end, the i4 is said to be able to drive for 600km. We won’t know how possible this is until we get our hands on the car. But for now we like the idea of driving from Johannesburg to Durban without having to stop for a recharge. Even half this claim would be a threefold improvement on the i3. Acceleration is claimed to be 4 seconds from 0 – 100km/h (quicker than the current M3/ M4) and top speed is 200km/h.

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