Porsche’s upcoming Cayenne Coupe (or whatever name it may end up with) appears to be just around the corner. The first official sketch of the coupe SUV has surfaced, which means the car or a concept version thereof, will appear at a major international motor show fairly soon. Thereafter you can expect the car to launch in Europe, and then Mzansi.


As you know by now, the Cayenne Coupe will be based on the existing new Cayenne but feature coupe-like design elements, such as the sloping rear roofline and a sportier disposition inside and out. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it came as a 4-seater, with the option of a fifth seat inserted somewhere on the menu. The car will be pretty much like the current Cayenne in terms of technologies and powertrains applied. That means we can expect a 2.9-litre twin turbo V6 at the bottom end of things, and a 4.0-litre twin turbo at the top.

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