The United Kingdom county of Gloucestershire is currently testing a traffic camera system that should frighten anyone who habitually breaks the law in several ways. Dubbed the Long Ranger, the system began testing in November 2018 and has already notched up 1 325 offences. That may not seem like a lot in Mzansi, but it is quite significant over there. So what makes Long Ranger so scary?


They call it Long Ranger for a reason, and the reason is that it can “see” for up to 1km away. Current systems can reach up to 400m. This guy is good for 600m extra, depending on gradient, weather etc. For another it obviously captures speedsters, and more. Lasers and radar used by many Mzansi traffic cops are exclusively for speeding. Other offences like using the cell phone while driving, not tying up your seatbelt etc, can only be observed at close range. Long Ranger can also pick those up from 1km away, so that by the time you rectify your mistake, the boys and girls in blue and khakhi are already pouncing. We doubt that any of our mostly broke local municipalities would afford Long Ranger yet. But perhaps the highway patrol can…

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