Over the next year or so, Volkswagen will be introducing at least two new performance cars into the market. One is the Tiguan R, and the other the T-Roc R. It is the latter which is the subject of this letter, as one can see from this concept sketch. We believe it will be fully unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month.


T-Roc R is of course based on the T-Roc, which is an SUV that is smaller than the Tiguan. Initially we were told the T-Roc would not be sold in Mzansi, but recently insiders have mentioned it in passing, but not officially. For now at least, the official word is that the car is still only under consideration for Mzansi. Hopefully it does come here and test itself against existing competition from Asia. As for the T-Roc R, it apparently uses the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine found in the Golf GTI and Golf R. It is expected to deliver at least 190kW of power.

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