Porsche is on a model offensive too, similarly to its German premium rivals. Imminently we will see the all-new 911 strutting its stuff in the corridors of certain international motor shows and private viewings. This is the latest spy offering we see and it’s the most interesting, because the car is basically undisguised. Essentially this is what the new Porsche 911 looks like.

We expect to see the car in Mzansi sometime in 2019, featuring several new technologies and engines. Of course when it comes to looks, the 911 has remained steadfast, while getting updated with the latest elements from Panamera and Cayenne, such as the rear light bar that cuts across the car’s width, new wheel designs, new headlights and a new interior that features the brand’s latest hi-tech infotainment system.

Enthusiasts and buyers alike will be excited by the range of engines, including a 3.0-litre turbo worth over 300kW, a new 911 Turbo (400kW-plus) and Turbo S, as well as the GT range; GTS, GT3, GT2 and their respective RS derivatives. The 911 is certainly our favourite sports car and this latest incarnation will carry plenty to talk about, such as four-wheel steering, and possibly hybrid technology. Yes the future is certainly electric but hybrids are heavier than their fossil-fuelled counterparts, something a 911 does not need. Therefore we will see if and when a 911 hybrid gets introduced.

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