McLaren has now given its much-awaited 3-seat hyper car a name. Having gone by the codename BP23 pretty much ever since it was announced, the new McLaren will be called Speedtail and will belong to the Ultimate Series of McLaren cars. That basically means it will replace the manic P1. Unfortunately all 106 allotted units have been deposited for, to the tune of £1.6million (about R28 million).


A quick recap at what the McLaren Speedtail will offer, as far as we currently know. The powertrain will be of a hybrid nature, so expect perhaps a V8 engine to accompany an electric motor and a stack of batteries to form its basis. No performance figures out yet, but only that it will be faster than its ancestor the McLaren F1, which was able to reach 391km/h.


Its main selling point of course is its seating layout, which takes after the legendary F1. That is to say, it will carry three seats; the driver in the centre of the front end, while two passengers sit behind on either side. McLaren therefore calls it a GT – grand tourer – supposedly meaning this is their interpretation of a family car. A full public reveal of the Speedtail will happen later this year.

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