Audi is almost ready to show us the new e-tron SUV, the company’s first-ever all-electric vehicle. These pictures you see here show an e-tron prototype front interior as it will be on some models, depending on trim and so on. Looks are definitely current Audi, with lots of leather surfaces, solid materials and plenty of hi-tech kit. One of these is the new virtual side mirror system, a first for any series-production car in the world.

We can dive straight into it by reflecting on the mirror situation. Thin exterior casings house small cameras that take live video feed outside and act like mirrors. They send images into the car, just above the front door handles. These then show exactly where one is reversing to etc. Driver even zoom in and out for better manoeuvering. Because this is an EV, certain components will not be found, like the fuel gauge and the tunnel at the rear. Instead the Audi Virtual Cockpit system will show information like battery range and nearest recharge stations among others.

The e-tron is a full-sized SUV actually, with a stated wheelbase of almost 3 metres, which gives occupants some serious legroom. It also showcases the new version of MMI infotainment with two spilt screens for different but supplementary functions. It appears Audi has done away with many buttons on the console and has instead, adopted the digital touch screen as a basis for controlling most functions.

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