Some new developments regarding one of Mzansi’s favourite cars, the Volkswagen Golf R. According to the company’s spokespeople in Europe, the Golf R (7.5) will lose some of its power in the next production cycle, from 228kW down to 220kW. This is because of the region’s new nitrogen oxide emissions restrictions rules. So basically it will be as powerful as the pre-facelift model.

Luckily this development does not affect Mzansi, where our VrrrrrrrrrR Pha will keep its happily 213kW. Interestingly the Europeans will also lose their 3-door and 6-speed manual versions too, something that VW SA had already put in place for Mk7.5. The world is moving towards the four-door, automatic transmission regime and most cars will be sold in this format. A new Golf 8 is about a year away anyway, so these changes should not affect much in the greater scheme of things.

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