Late last year BMW patented the name  M4 CSL among others. Of course car companies regularly register certain names for their own protection, and not necessarily for actual production. But it seems the CSL moniker will be returning to the BMW fold. And fairly soon too. While the car you see on these pages looks like a pimped up M4 GTS, the truth is more exciting.

Ever since the demise of the CSL moniker, BMW performance fans have been longing for its return. While the GTS has carried the mantle admirably enough, it never quite garnered quite the same cult-like following as the M3 CSL. We believe the badge would ignite something special in the hearts of those who enjoy driving hi-performance cars of any nature, BMW or not. These pics show a car – dressed like a wild M4 GTS – that is definitely over the top, with a more aggressive front end, side gills on the front fender, a lowered suspension, side skirts, four exhaust tailpipes and a massive rear spoiler.

Underneath the bonnet lies a twin turbo 3.0-litre straight six engine that has been highly tuned to milk out as much power as possible. We think it will hover around the 375kW mark because CSL is not necessarily about more power, but really about less weight and better handling.

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