Toyota has been lagging all its rivals in the electric vehicle (EV) game, even though the company was first to market with hybrids back when the Prius was launched in 1997. Since then over 11 million Toyota hybrids have been sold, including those from premium brand Lexus. With EVs now coming out thick and fast, especially from Germany and to a less extent, the US, Toyoda’s team seems to be panicking for a solution.


That solution will apparently come in the form of at least 10 EVs by 2025. Moreover, it will offer at least one electrified model for every product. This information came from an official statement released by Toyota this morning. It says by around 2030 the company aims to sell 5.5 million electrified vehicles, of which 1 million should be EVs. Additionally, by around 2025 every model will be available as a full EV or one of hybrid (plug-in or normal) or fuel-cell or hydrogen-powered.


This is quite significant, especially for Mzansi where Toyota sells hybrids in both its brands. It also sells Hilux, Land Cruiser, Avanza, Etios and Quantum. Are we going to see hybrid or electrified versions of these then? Time will tell.

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