Some exciting new products are coming our ways via the Mercedes-Benz brand. Next year will see no fewer than 10 new/ updated vehicles launched globally by the Stuttgart-based manufacturer, some of which will end up on Mzansi roads as well. We are likely to see about seven of those models arriving here, which is not bad at all. The other three are not suitable for us anyway.

The Concept A on which the A-Class sedan is based.

For sales purposes the “biggest” of the lot will be the C-Class facelift, which will cover the entire range and the four body styles – sedan, coupe, cabriolet and Estate (station wagon). It will feature a new front end with a different grille and headlights, new rear lights and an updated interior. Engines will largely remain the same, except for one or two. Just as big or even bigger is the smaller A-Class sedan which enters a new segment for the brand. Yes the CLA kind of covers that but this is more segmented for normal use, rather than the sportier CLA. A-Class sedan will introduce the world to the new Mercedes-Benz design style of cutting down on sharp concave and convex lines, with a smoother, more rounded exterior surface. It will have the same engines as the A-Class hatch and GLA.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

At the upper end of the scale the all-new CLS will debut in 2018 too, with its sleek lines and elegant demeanour. Powertrains will include a CLS 43 AMG making 295kW and a thunderous CLS 63 AMG S producing 450kW. Not to confuse us in any way, Mercedes-AMG has been developing its own 4-door coupe in the form of the AMG 4-door Coupe. It is what one might call a 4-door version of the GT range. It will sit at the top of this genre and offer extra performance and refinement. What’s Mercedes-Benz without a few heels? G-Class will be updated with a new face and equipment, while the bakkie (pickup) market welcomes the much-talked-about new X-Class double cab.

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