Paramount Pictures has confirmed that a Bumblebee movie has begun shooting in California, USA, and will be out at cinemas in December 2018. The movie, a spinoff of the popular and successful Transformers franchise, will tell the story of Bumblebee, the black and yellow Chevrolet Camaro Autobot who speaks using mainly archived sounds.


According to its makers, the film will be shot entirely in the California area, meaning there will be no international scenery. It starts off in 1987 where Bumblebee is hiding in a junkyard after being on the run for a while. He’s found by Charlie (played by Hailee Steinfeld), an 18 year old who soon discovered he’s no ordinary Volkswagen bug.


The film is produced by Transformers franchise veterans Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Michael Bay, along with executive producers Steven Spielberg, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian. Chris Brigham (“Argo,” “Inception”) will also executive produce. The screenplay is written by Christina Hodson (“Unforgettable”).

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