2018 Opel Grandland X 1

Opel has shown its new Grandland X SUV to the world at the Shanghai Auto Show. While the bean counters and lawyers work through the purchase of the company by the Peugeot Citroen Groupe, brand Opel continues to roll out new products to excite the market. And yes, the Grandland X, not a very exciting name, really looks like an exciting product. It will be expected in South Africa in 2018.

The Grandland X is some 20cm longer than the Mokka X for example, coming in at 4.48 metres long, 1.8m wide and 1.6m tall. While it is not an off-road vehicle, it should be able to handle light gravel duty, thanks to the higher ride stance and optional electronic Grip Control among others.

“A stylish newcomer is ready to attack in the booming compact SUV segment – and that is our new Opel Grandland X. Its name stands for adventure, independence and abundance. With its sporty design, the Grandland X looks fantastic and will ensure that new customers get excited about the Opel brand. Beyond the characteristic SUV qualities, it also has a host of top technologies that make it safe and fun at the same time. With the Grandland X, Opel is bringing onto the market a cool SUV with a strong ‘I want it’ factor,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann.

Some of the technologies available in the car, standard and optional, include LED headlights, a 360-degree camera, Advanced Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, IntelliLink infotainment with wireless smart phone charging and others.

There has not been any detail regarding engines, but the Grandland X is sure to be powered by a range of new turbo motors, including 1.4 T and 2.0 T, as well as a diesel or two. A hybrid should be on the cards for later as well.

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