car maintenance tips

Car maintenace

Of all the car crashes on South African roads a very limited number can truly be considered ‘accidents.’ In other words, those that are not attributed to human error or mechanical faults. Meanwhile the number of crashes that occur due to mechanical faults is considerably higher. That is why before you set off on a long trip, these are the top three things you should get checked by a professional.


  1. Tyre maintenance

“Tyre maintenance comes down to one simple goal – protecting the life of the tread. Make no mistake, tyres will wear out, but the goal is to ensure the tread wears out evenly, allowing you to get the maximum life from your tyre.


“Correct tyre pressure is also absolutely critical. Over-inflate tyres and they’ll wear faster at the centre. Under-inflate them and they’ll wear out quicker on the outside, be more likely to blow-out while driving and will also increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption,” says the Group Marketing Director, Joe du Plooy.


  1. Brake pads

These should be checked at your service but if you have neglected this up to now, it could be dangerous to carry on. According to the MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, brake failure can land you in a very dangerous situation. “Brakes are one of the most important safety devices in your car. These should be checked once a year. As is the case with tyre maintenance, picking up a problem early will also save you from more costly repairs.”


  1. General maintenance

Whether you do it yourself, a general inspection to ensure everything works properly is essential. “Check that windscreen wipers have not worn. Ensure the water and oil is adequately topped up. Inspect all your lights to be sure all are working properly. You never want to be in a situation where your windscreen wipers fail you in a major storm or you break down on the side of the road because you never had enough water or oil,” says Herbert.


Du Plooy is encouraging every driver to tend to their vehicle maintenance.”If you’re aiming for less stress then why take a chance? Head to your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre, have your free tyre safety check done and get big brands at the right price.”



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