Early spy pictures of the upcoming all-new Audi A6 sedan have come through. The big executive, which goes on sale in Europe towards the end of 2017, will feature an exterior design largely inspired by the Prologue concept and to a less extent, by the e-tron quattro. While it is under some of the usual black & white camouflage, there are some clear and visible lines that show the car’s general shape and contours.

The front end of course features a new Audi front grille that comes from the Prologue, but which does not appear to be as wide. Side profile shows a three strong shoulder lines; one front the bonnet, ending just under the A-pillar, the second from the rear lights cluster just below the boot, to just before the B-pillar, while the third one is the longest, extending from the front to the rear fender, with a sharp decline from about the middle of the rear door. We thought the rear lights cluster would also take after Prologue, but it does not. Also, this seems to be a mid-to-low variety model, judging from the lack of visible exhaust tailpipes.

Presumably the new A6 will be wider and offer a longer wheelbase than the current model, although we don’t know if it will be longer overall. Weight will be culled noticeably in order to improve efficiencies, both in performance and fuel consumption.

Plenty of technology is expected to appear inside the A6, including high levels of semi-autonomous driving, connectivity through the MMI infotainment system (Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, USB etc), Apple and Android syncing, Virtual Cockpit and others.

In terms of the powertrains, a whole range of options – varying in availability from country to country – will be on offer, including 2.0-litre petrol and diesel turbos that make anything between 140kW and 190kW, 3.0-litre V6s, again petrol and diesel, churning out between 200kW and 300kW, a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 with between 340kW and 450kW for the S6 and RS 6 respectively, as well as plug-in hybrids. Quattro all-wheel-drive will be standard in the higher-specced models.

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