Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne is a man on a mission. After uniting Fiat and Chrysler (including Jeep, Ferrari and Maserati) under one roof, the Canadian Italian reckons he needs to achieve one more milestone; he wants to merge FCA with General Motors (GM). And he reckons the US President-elect Donald Trump would support him.


Mind you this is not the first time Marchionne has courted GM. Two years ago he made his first attempt, but GM CEO Mary Barra spurned his advances, citing lack of clear synergies and common benefits for the proposed merger. For some reason Marchionne has not backed down and seems to have been invigorated by the Trump election win. He is yet to meet Trump though, but rest assured that he will.


It was in September 2010 when former Volkswagen Group big boss Ferdinand Piech first publically pronounced his desire to buy Alfa Romeo. Marchionne told him to go away and kept on telling him that until Piech resigned in 2015. He reckoned the premium car maker could stand on its own next to Fiat and make it without the power of VW. So far it appears the task is a bigger struggle than he had anticipated.

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