A new key detail regarding the upcoming Aston Martin Red Bull hyper car tentatively called the AM-RB 001, has come out. Since announcing the car together back in March this year, the new partners have been hard at work having a go at making rich men’s dreams come true. We know a little bit about the car already, but here’s something we didn’t know.

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 Concept 1

According to a The Wall Street Journal report, the AM-RB 001 will vaporise from standstill to 322km/h in a mere 10 seconds! That might seem natural, but if you consider that some of the quickest production cars on the planet today cannot match this, it turns into a miracle. The Porsche 918 Spyder for instance, does 0 – 300km/h in 19.9 seconds, the Bugatti Chiron the same in 13.6 seconds, while the 1mW (1 000kW) Koenigsegg One:1 has come the closest, achieving it in 11.9 seconds. Unbelievable!

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 Concept 4

The rest of the known details are pretty standard: a V12 naturally aspirated engine, only 175 units to be built, of which 150 will be for the road and 25 track-only. Expect it to also be the most expensive car in the world at a price of around R43 million in today’s money.

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