Toyota’s brand value grew by 17% to once again lead the automotive sector in the Best Global Brands 2013 report published by Interbrand while continuing to maintain its Top 10 position from last year. Toyota’s brand is now valued at USD 35.346 million ($35 billion).

Interbrand attributed Toyota’s brand value growth to the company’s global hybrid leadership and efforts to engage with customers. Moreover, the company’s drive to create ever-better cars seems to be well received by customers as illustrated by Toyota’s strong global sales performance.
2013 Toyota Corolla
Toyota’s pioneering full hybrid Prius and overall hybrid vehicle sales continues to be a strong influence in the company’s brand valuation. Worldwide sales of the Toyota Prius have now surged past the three million mark while global full hybrid sales now at some 5.5 million.

In Europe, sales of Toyota and Lexus full hybrid vehicles have exceeded 600 000 units since the Prius was first introduced to the market in 2000. So far this year, Toyota takes a 75% market share for hybrid vehicles in Europe, with 18% of all Toyota and Lexus vehicles sold, powered by hybrid.

Through to the end of 2015, Toyota will launch 15 new or redesigned full hybrid products worldwide, including a fuel cell driven model.

In June, Interbrand named Toyota’s the number one Best Global Green Brand across industries for the third consecutive year, comparing the company’s actual environmental performance against perceived performances by customers.

Interbrand’s ISO-certified Best Global Brands methodology analyses the various ways a brand benefits from an organisation, from delivering customer expectations to driving economic value.



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