China is beginning to shed its “fong kong” reputation by creating and developing its own innovative products in the market that compete successfully with others built by countries in Europe and the US, as well as South Korea and Japan. One such product is Huawei, currently recognised as one of the top 5 tech product leaders in the world. LeEco is aiming to also be in that league, albeit from a motoring perspective.

Leeco Lesee 3

What is LeEco though? LeEco is a company founded by one Jia Yueting, a China citizen who is planning to spend around US$1.8 billion (around R24 billion) in his homeland to build a new automotive plant. The LeEco plant will produce only electric vehicles which will go on sale in China within the next few years. The first car is called the LeSEE, of which the Le is “happy” in the local language and SEE stands for Super Electric Ecosystem.

Leeco Lesee 4

The LeSEE is really a Tesla Model S direct rival in the absence of fully-electric large executive sedans from Germany. There are no technical specs available on it just yet, but we know Yueting plans on making the car an entertainment centre on wheels, which means it will have screens for pretty much everything, including fast on-board internet. It will also have some self-driving capability, although to what extent we don’t know.

Leeco Lesee 5

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