McLaren Automotive has told European publication Auto Express that it will be introducing a new electric supercar by 2022. Remember the company already confirmed this previously, including the fact that around half of all its cars will be electrified in some form (probably plug-in hybrid) by the same period. What’s new with the story are some of the details of this car, including its incredible range.


At the moment the best electric cars can drive up to around 400km on a full battery recharge. And these are everyday cars, most of which are totally focused on the mundane, efficiency and have very little “performance” ambition. McLaren apparently will develop a supercar that can drive on a track – the worst place for the best fuel consumption – for about 30 minutes and give a minimum range of around 480km.


You may have dozed off a bit up there while we discussed range, things that a McLaren shouldn’t even be involved with. Well don’t fear. The company promises that its fully-electric supercar will be the most exciting car it’s ever produced. Mind you this comes from the same company that gave us the awesome P1, pioneering MP4-12C and the stunning 675 LT.

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