As part of the European brand’s plan to launch 29 new or revamped cars by 2020, General Motors will soon provide Opel with its own electric car, says the company’s Chairman and CEO Mrs Mary Barra. Barra told the 11th CAR Symposium industry conference in Stuttgart that the car, to be called the Opel Ampera-e, will go on sale in 2017. “GM and Opel have always been convinced that electric cars will play a defining role in future mobility,” said Barra. “The game-changing technology of the Ampera-e is a significant step toward realising that vision. Our new battery electric car is also another boost for Opel’s reputation for making innovative engineering widely accessible.”

2017 Opel Ampera-e 2

It will be a normal five-door, five-seat vehicle that the family can use on a daily basis. Moreover, it will offer a better electric range than existing cars of its size. That might mean it’s part of the new wave of upcoming electric cars with a range of over 450km. even better still, GM promised a good price on the car, unlike current electric vehicles that command high premiums over their fossil-fuelled equivalents. Details were pretty scant, but we understand it will use a pack of lithium-ion batteries that will be fitted beneath the floor in order to maximise interior and luggage space. It will also offer a new line of infotainment and connectivity options that will integrate seamlessly with smart phones and other communications devices, according to GM.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

“Electric vehicles have the potential to make a significant contribution to climate protection and emissions reduction”, said Opel group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “The new Opel Ampera-e will open the road to electric mobility by breaking down the barriers of high price and short driving range.” For markets outside of Europe, the car might be rebadged as a Chevrolet Bolt.

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